David was born in the Berkshire countryside. After graduating from Belfast Bible College David, his wife Maura and their four kids lived and worked in Ethiopia for 11 years as part of SIM. Since returning from Africa, they have served in two churches in Reading, founded a charity (2:19), and are now involved in a cross-cultural church revitalization in Birmingham. David also lecturers in missions and cross-cultural engagement at Oak Hill College. When relaxing, David likes tennis, football, and walking.

Maura was born in the Middle East. Already a qualified nurse, Maura retrained as a TESOL teacher and was instantly wowed by the colourful creativity needed to teach English. When the family returned from Ethiopia in 2007, Maura and her husband worked as international workers in their sending church in Reading. Out of this the charity 2:19 was born. Maura’s happiest hours are spent with her family. She loves fast cars and sitting in a hot tub when it snows.