This is a great programme of seminars based on the theme of hope. They will particularly focus on aspects of hope, lament, prayer, grief and the future hope we have. They will explore topics that are particularly relevant in society today.
Join us for the Q&A sessions that follow the seminars each day.


Seminar: Our future hope

The gospel gives us a glorious hope to sustain us through all the difficulties of this life. Christ will return to destroy all sin and fallenness, to wipe the tears of his people away, and to renew his creation. This seminar will encourage us by looking at the biblical hope of a new heavens and a new earth, and will show how that hope can transform our lives now.

Monday 11:15 Michael Reeves

Seminar: Hope and grief

Grief is an experience that affects us all. For some, our grief overwhelms us and we feel hopelessly alone. For others, we suppress our grief with a stoic or overly positive disposition. But, what does it look like to genuinely ‘grieve in hope’ as the Bible encourages us to do? What difference does Jesus make to our experience of grief? How might we better comfort those who are grieving? In this seminar, we will explore these questions in light of the current pandemic, and see how Jesus not only uniquely comforts us, but will ultimately turn our grief into joy.

Tuesday 11:15 Joanna Jackson

Seminar: Hope and lament / prayer

“God is good all the time!” We often hear this in church. The worship leader would say, “God is good” and the congregation would respond, “all the time.” But how about those who are finding it hard to see the reality of that statement because of so much suffering? Is it a sign of weak faith if we are not able to declare that God is good? Not necessarily. Even Asaph, one of the worship leaders in the Bible, struggled in affirming God’s goodness. In Psalm 73, Asaph shows us that there is room for our struggles in the presence of the Lord.

Wednesday 11:15 Rico Villanueva

Seminar: Sharing hope with friends (evangelism)

Against the backdrop of a world scarred by COVID-19, the brightness of Christian hope shines distinctly above the noise of fear, uncertainty and death. In this very timely seminar, Kristi Mair and Andy Bannister will explore what is unique about Christian hope, especially in a coronavirus world. They’ll then share some very practical tools for how we can talk to our friends, neighbours and colleagues about the hope of the gospel. In a world in chaos where people are increasingly asking questions about hope, Andy and Kristi will equip you to share the difference that Jesus makes.

Seminar: Hope in and through the local church

Join us for a panel discussion looking at the theme of Hope in and through the local church. It will hosted by Adrian Reynolds. He will be joined by Robin Ham, Sonia Crossley and Efrem Buckle. We will be considering how ministry has changed as a result of the lockdown and what we can learn and apply as we plan to get back to ‘normal’ over the coming months.