Virtual Keswick Youth

Have fun, be challenged by God’s Word and changed to live for Him more. If you’re aged between 11 and 18, then this online Keswick Youth programme is for you!

Speaking about God, reading the Bible and looking at how to live as a Christian will be central to this week.

Our priority is to learn about God through his Word in the Bible. Through teaching and activities, God’s Word will be taught, and its relevance will be explained.


Virtual Keswick Youth

Join us at the Virtual Keswick Youth sessions. This week’s programme, hosted by Louise Silk, will feature song, talks, panel discussions, reading and interviews. In today’s session, we’ll be looking at Psalms 1 and 2. Elfie Acheson will be speaking about the Bible passages. We will share how true blessing is found both in delighting in and hoping in the wisdom of the word of the Lord (Psalm 1) and in taking refuge in the Son (Psalm 2). We’ll be exploring how the words of King David in the Psalms point us forward to Jesus, the true word of God.

Monday 11:15

Virtual Keswick Youth Evening

Hosts Sarah Bradley and Ben Moon will be taking you through a packed programme of songs, talks, spoken word, book reviews, games and discussions in the Virtual Keswick Youth evenings this week. Join us this evening as we look at the theme of Hope because Jesus Rules. Graham Albans will be speaking about Mark 13.24-27.

This passage will be immense comfort to those who are trusting in Jesus. He really does rule over everything, everywhere, always, and there will be a day when everyone discovers that (Philippians 2.9-11). This gives us wonderful hope that no matter how dark our days feel now, no matter how frightening coronavirus is, no matter how bleak our society seems, no matter how untrustworthy and corrupt our leaders feel that Jesus rules above it all.

Monday 20:00

Virtual Keswick Youth

Is there any hope when life has been turned upside down? That is the question we’ll be exploring in today’s session, as we look at Psalm 3 together. Louise Silk will host the session and the talk will be given by Nick Tucker. Join us as we delve into God’s Word and we learn more about Jesus together. Today, we can be assured that true salvation can only be found through Jesus’ death and His resurrection. Hallelujah!

Tuesday 11:15

Virtual Keswick Youth Evening

Hope because Jesus was saved is the theme of tonight’s evening session. The session will be hosted by Sarah Bradley and Ben Moon, while the talk will be given by Caz Evans.

Our team will be focusing on Romans 8.11, looking at how our hope lives because Jesus lives. This is wonderful comfort to us that no matter how hopeless we may feel our Christian hope doesn’t depend on our mood, or our emotions, or our circumstances. Our Christian hope is in the central irreversible empirical truth of the empty tomb of Jesus Christ.

Tuesday 20:00

Virtual Keswick Youth

Today’s activities and teaching will be based on Psalm 4. Louise Silk will be hosting the session and the youth talk will be given by Tim Wickham.

Join us as we look at God’s Word which says as David looks to the Lord, he lies down and sleeps. He rests in God. No matter what turmoil or tragedy you find themselves in, fix your eyes on God and know that He is in charge – and we can leave our troubles with him and lie down and sleep.

Wednesday 11:15

Virtual Keswick Youth Evening

Join us for songs, a talk and discussion based on the theme of Hope because Jesus slept by looking at the following Bible verses: Mark 4.35-41. Sarah Bradley and Ben Moon will be hosting. Listen out for a talk by Tom Brown.

We have so many reasons we might lose sleep at night, worries about the future, our health, our finances, our world, yet wonderfully we needn’t do that because we can have absolute trust in our absolutely powerful God who rules over all. Come along and discover who you are, and who God is.

Wednesday 20:00

Virtual Keswick Youth

Is it good news that God is Righteous? This will be one of the questions we think about when looking at Psalm 5. We want to answer ‘YES!’ of course it is, it’s good that we have a God who hates injustice, a God who isn’t indifferent about suffering and sin. It’s good that because of who God is that those things will come to an end in the new creation.

But, when we look at our own hearts, we are hit with a dilemma as we see sin in our lives. When we honestly reflect on the wickedness of our own hearts, can we honestly say we can pray this psalm?

The teaching of God’s Word through activities will explore this. Join host Louise Silk and speaker Phil Baraniak for this morning’s session.

Thursday 11:15

Virtual Keswick Youth Evening

Hope because Jesus is Righteous is the theme of tonight’s session. We’ll be digging deep into 1 Peter 3.18 to explore this verse means – and what it means for us. Andy Acheson will be giving a talk and the session will be hosted by Sarah Bradley and Ben Moon. Join us, and invite your friends too, for an evening of songs, a talk and a discussion. We’ll also be hearing about hope, reasons for hope and looking at hope for our nations.

Thursday 20:00

Virtual Keswick Youth

Our final morning session will explore Psalm 6, a psalm of lament by David. Activities including a song, talk and panel discussion will be held as we look at the Bible together. Louise Silk will be hosting the session and Sarah Bradley will give the main talk.

Join us as we look at a Psalm 6. We see that David is cut to the heart by an awareness of his sin, he weeps over it. The Psalm points us towards Jesus, who wept at our sin, as he sets his face towards the cross to be our hope.

Friday 11:15

Virtual Keswick Youth Evening

The final evening of Virtually Keswick Convention will focus on the theme of Hope because Jesus wept. Our team will be looking at the following Bible verses: John 11.32-44.

Join Sarah Bradley and Ben Moon as they host, while Ben Tanner will be giving a talk. As we send young people out to love and serve the Lord in our broken weeping world, full of Covid, full of racism, political instability, corruption and untrustworthy leaders, or suffering pain and uncertainty, we can offer them incredible solid hope. Hope that Jesus “gets it”.

That same God is with you in whatever brokenness and loss you find yourselves in. He is not distant or uncaring. Not only can he understand our pain, he alone can defeat suffering and evil and death, Only Jesus can do that.

Friday 20:00