Virtual Keswick 4 Kids Hope Hunters

This exciting online Keswick 4 Kids programme features Bible teaching that we pray will help the children to know and love our great God!

The stream is for youngsters aged between 3 and 11.

We have an excellent team who are excited to lead this week of online activities. They are ready for a fantastic week and are eager to share how great it is to follow Jesus.

Our desire is that, as we teach the children during the sessions, we might enable parents to carry that teaching on throughout the day.

We aim to follow the themes of the adult programme wherever possible, so families can talk about what they’re learning and grow to know Jesus together.


Virtual Keswick 4 Kids Hope Hunters

Join us at the Keswick 4 Kids programme. This week’s programme will feature talks, memory verse, craft time, singing and the ‘big question of the day’!  In today’s session, we’ll be looking at Psalms 1 and 2. We’ll be exploring how the words of King David in the Psalms point us forward to Jesus, the true word of God.

Monday 11:15

Virtual Keswick 4 Kids Hope Hunters

Is there any hope when life has been turned upside down? That is the question we’ll be exploring in today’s session.

Join us as we look at Psalm 3 together. Our team will be leading you through the Bible verses. Look out for the activities as we learn more about Jesus together. Today, we can be assured that true salvation can only be found through Jesus’ death and His resurrection. Hallelujah!

Tuesday 11:15

Virtual Keswick 4 Kids Hope Hunters

Today’s activities and teaching will be based on Psalm 4. Join us as we look at God’s Word which says as David looks to the Lord, he lies down and sleeps. He rests in God. No matter what turmoil or tragedy you find themselves in, fix your eyes on God and know that He is in charge – and we can leave our troubles with him and lie down and sleep.

Wednesday 11:15

Virtual Keswick 4 Kids Hope Hunters

Is it good news that God is Righteous? This will be one of the questions we think about when looking at Psalm 5. We want to answer ‘YES!’ of course it is, it’s good that we have a God who hates injustice, a God who isn’t indifferent about suffering and sin. It’s good that because of who God is that those things will come to an end in the new creation. However, when we look at our own hearts, we are hit with a dilemma as we see sin in our lives. When we honestly reflect on the wickedness of our own hearts, can we honestly say we can pray this psalm? The teaching of God’s Word through singing, memory verses and a craft time will look at what this means for each of us.

Thursday 11:15

Virtual Keswick 4 Kids Hope Hunters

Our final session will explore Psalm 6, a psalm of lament by David. He is cut to the heart by an awareness of his sin, he weeps over it. The Psalm points us towards Jesus, who wept at our sin, as he sets his face towards the cross to be our hope. Join us as we teach God’s Word in an engaging way that we pray will help children to know and love our great God.

Friday 11:15