Have fun, be challenged by God’s Word and changed to live for Him more. If you’re aged between 3 and 11, then the Keswick4Kids programme is for you!

Speaking about God, reading the Bible and looking at how to live as a Christian will be central to this week.

Our priority is to learn about God through his Word in the Bible. Through teaching and activities, God’s Word will be taught, and its relevance will be explained.

This week we will be diving into the book of Ephesians. Here we are going to see God’s great big cosmic plan for the World, we are going to see the blessings of following Jesus and how big God’s grace really is!

Keswick Ministries & Safeguarding:
We would love to use social media to connect with you guys this summer, but we’re absolutely committed to doing this in a safe and legal manner that protects you and safeguards your personal data.
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