Sunday 25th July 2021

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All Age Service

Join us as we gather together across all ages in a service led by the children and youth team.

Sunday 10:30 Packing Hall,

Keswick Youth (11-18): Evening Programme

The Keswick Youth evening sessions give young people another chance to get together to have fun, be challenged by God’s Word and be changed to live more for Him. We’ll be holding youth evening celebrations for the young people on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday.

Young people must be registered for these sessions. Click here to register.

Sunday 19:15 PF - 2, PF - 4,

Evening Celebration: A faithful God prepares the way

The opening two chapters of Luke’s gospel highlight the faithfulness of God as the Old Testament story – a story awaiting a conclusion for a people awaiting consolation – comes to its climax in Jesus. Jesus is revealed as the fulfilment of Jewish hopes for salvation, an expression of God’s mercy and faithfulness to his promises.

As we continue into the first chapter of Luke, verses 5-25 show us that God had not forgotten either his long-term plan or an individual believer’s prayer, and shows that the two are linked. Zechariah and Elizabeth were devoted, devout, but Zechariah struggled to believe his own prayer had been answered.

This session will be live streamed and available for catch up.

Sunday 19:30 Felix Aremo Packing Hall, Relay tent, Youth tent, Keswick Methodist Church relay,

19-24s Late Night

While you’re making some of the decisions that will shape you for the future, we want to be there with you, cheering you on to live a life worthy of the calling you’ve received. Explore the Word of God in our dedicated 19–24s space and enjoy making new friends right here in the beautiful Lake District. Come and get excited about the Gospel and the call to whole-life discipleship – it really could be a week to remember.

Sunday 21:15 PF - 1,