Saturday 24th July 2021

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Evening Celebration: A sure basis for faith

The opening two chapters of Luke’s gospel highlight the faithfulness of God as the Old Testament story – a story awaiting a conclusion for a people awaiting consolation – comes to its climax in Jesus. Jesus is revealed as the fulfilment of Jewish hopes for salvation, an expression of God’s mercy and faithfulness to his promises.

In Luke 1:1-4, Luke sets the scene for the remainder of his writings. Today there is much discussion about ‘fake news’ and ‘revisionist history’ but these are not new concepts and the question of warranted belief and confidence in the truth was important in Luke’s day too. Here, Luke highlights the certainty of the truth he has to share.

This session will be live streamed and available for catch up.

Saturday 19:30 Jeremy McQuoid Packing Hall, Relay tent, Youth tent, Keswick Methodist Church relay,