Thursday 1st January 1970

Pencil Factory tours

We hope to be able to run Pencil Factory tours. Watch this space for more details!

Reception opening times

  • Saturday: 2pm – 5pm/ 6.45pm – 10pm
  • Sunday: 9.30am – 3pm/ 6.45pm – 10pm
  • Monday to Friday: 9am – 3pm/ 6.45pm – 10pm

Base Camp opening times

These are the opening times for Basecamp (Cafe, 10ofthose bookstall, mission exhibition)

Sunday: 11.30am – 3pm/ 6.30pm – 10pm

Monday to Friday: 9.15am – 4.30pm/ 6.30pm – 10pm

Wednesday: Closed to public 2pm – 4pm