Seminar: Sharing hope with friends (evangelism)

Against the backdrop of a world scarred by COVID-19, the brightness of Christian hope shines distinctly above the noise of fear, uncertainty and death. In this very timely seminar, Kristi Mair and Andy Bannister will explore what is unique about Christian hope, especially in a coronavirus world. They’ll then share some very practical tools for how we can talk to our friends, neighbours and colleagues about the hope of the gospel. In a world in chaos where people are increasingly asking questions about hope, Andy and Kristi will equip you to share the difference that Jesus makes.

Join us for the Q&A sessions that follow the seminars each day. Text in your question to the following number 07380308859 for consideration in the Q&A.

Book recommendations:  The Atheist Who Didn’t Exist by Andy Bannister; Questioning Evangelism by Randy Newman; More>Truth by Kristi Mair and Plugged In by Dan Strange.